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Do Mystery Snails Need A Filter?

Filters keep the water fresh and breathable in the fish tank. As mystery snails can breathe in air and in water, do mystery snails need a filter?

It is recommended to use the filter for the mystery snails. We know that mystery snails are special types, they need more care. Mystery nails can survive without the filter but there are some benefits to having the filter for these snails.

If the mystery snails can survive without the filter, why do we need to think about adding the filter to the tank? Well, not having filters for the snails might be harmful to them. The balanced water parameters with filters will create the best environment for the snails.

Do Mystery Snails Need A Filter?

do mystery snails need a filter
Mystery nails don’t need a regular filer as the fishes do. As we already know, they are competent to absorb oxygen from the air and water. Mystery snails can breathe through their gills and through a tube that extends out of the front of their bodies.

Mystery snails can absorb the oxygen from the water all the time and have no need to breathe air. Mystery snails can hold their breath for up to 24 hours. Now the logic why you need a filter revolves around this point.

As humans need fresh air and water for healthy leading life, all other creatures need fresh oxygen too.

As long as you are cleaning the fish tank filter every 24 hours, mystery snails can have fresh air. Suppose if you forgot to clean or replace the water for continuous days, you are harming the snails.

The still water produces a lot of dead bacteria and the oxidation will become challenging. Hence, mystery snails feel uncomfortable absorbing the oxygen from the water.

You need to change the water every day for fresh air. To avoid replacing the water every day manually, you can use filters.

Filters help to make more oxygen particles in the water. As filters drop the water from a certain height, the water force will break the water in the tank which leads to oxidation.

Can Mystery snails be kept in the fish tank?

You can keep the mystery snails in the fish tanks but not with the fish. Mystery snails are small in size and if the fishes are kept together, it can turn dangerous. Suppose if you already have a fish tank but no fish in it, you can use the tank.

Some fish, including goldfish, can crack snail shells and turn them into tasty food. So beware of placing fish and snails together and do proper research.

If Fish tanks already have the filters, it is helpful. Try to facilitate the fresh oxygen levels in the water.

Here is a simple table of parameters for your reference:

Ammonia 0 ppm
Nitrite 0 ppm
Nitrate <40 ppm
pH 7.6-8.4
Temperature  68°F-84°F
Water Hardness  7-18 dGH
Minimum Tank Size 5 Gallons 

This is how water parameters should be on a daily basis. Note that the freshwater aquarium at 77 °F should hold about 8.3mg/l of dissolved oxygen.

Will Mystery snail die without the filter?

Mystery snails are highly dependent on water. Some mystery snails can survive up to one month outside the water and some survive only one day. Water is the best place to keep the snails alive.

Without having much knowledge, people often complain about the sudden death of the snail. If you are a beginner, you must know when to replace the water.

People recommend changing the water every 2 to 3 days, by doing that, you are slowly putting the snail into danger. Check the oxygen levels of the tank water using an oxygen level kit.

Make a note when you freshly change the water and again note down the levels after 3 days. There would be drastic differences. Now, repeat the same procedure but this time, use a filter.

You can easily tell the difference by using a filter for the mystery snails. It is a good idea to expose the snails to the air, but for more than a day, it would be risky.

One of my friends kept the mystery snails in the aquarium. Surprisingly, the snail couldn’t survive more than a month. The reason he explained is that he neither used the filter nor changed the water frequently.

That’s how sensitive mystery snails are. Remember to provide them with clean water every other day for the best lifespan.

Related Questions

Do other snails need a filter?

If your tank is too small, you definitely need a filter. For a bigger tank, you may be able to come along without using one. But it is recommended to use the filter as they filter out dirt and bad bacteria. The quality of the water is important.

Can I Use Tap Water For Mystery Snails?

Tap water reduces the chlorine levels and reproduction capabilities of mystery snails. Many people prefer untapped or filtered water for snails. Mystery snails are sensitive to copper levels in the water.

Can mystery snails live in fish bowls?

It is recommended to use a minimum of 5 Gallons capacity tank for the mystery snails. Of course, changing the fish bowl water has cute eyes and you do not need extra hustle to take care of it. But, by providing smaller space and tap water, the risk increases with time.

Final Words

Mystery snails are very delicate in nature and cannot survive more days outside the water. Yes, some snails can face the air for a month but not all types. So, taking risks can be dangerous.

It is a wise decision to use filters in the tank for the mystery snails. After all, they need proper food and oxygen for longer life. Mystery snails are a type that does not need too much oxygen. But, providing the required oxygen is a good idea.

Filters are wonderful devices for keeping your aquarium clean and clear. As the name says, they filter out any dirt or impurities in the water. So, ready to get a filter? Choose the best one which makes less noise and works better.

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