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Do You Need A Stand For A 55 Gallon Fish Tank?

If you are thinking of buying a fish tank up to 55 gallons, your provider would have likely already advised you to buy a stand. While everything is being marketed to everyone today, you must be asking yourself, do I really need a stand, or is my old stool or table just fine?

In this article, we will discuss if we really need a stand for a 55 gallon aquarium, and types of aquarium stand.

Do You Need a Stand for For 55-Gallon Fish Tanks?

do you need a stand for a 55 gallon fish tank
An adequately filled 55-gallon aquarium containing fish, tank equipment, and decorative items can weigh up to 550 lbs. Since you can’t risk all that weight on a flimsy table or shelf, you need a dedicated stand to support and withstand a 55-gallon fish tank.

Also, after extensive research and examination of various aquarium stands, we have come up with the best 55-gallon aquarium stand that money can buy. Besides that, you will learn about different types of aquarium stands, their materials, and the factors to consider when purchasing one.

Types of Aquarium Stands

A stand is a major constituent of any large fish tank or aquarium. Stands come in distinctive shapes, sizes, and materials. You must give quality the utmost importance irrespective of the type of stand you choose.

These are four types of fish tank stands you can consider:

  • Standard aquarium stands
  • Brand stands
  • Custom built stands
  • DIY stands

Since a 55-gallon tank is gigantic, check out the material while considering the type of aquarium stand.

The common materials from which tanks are made are acrylic or glass. A glass tank needs support on the edges, while an acrylic tank needs support across the base.

Acrylic tanks are designed to bow a little to minimize water pressure. This is a common phenomenon and is even used in planes. It’s called deflection. To stop the tank from bowing too much, acrylic tanks need some support under their base.

What Is The Best Stand for a 55-Gallon Fish Tank?

The Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal tank stand is our top choice among metal frames. They are simple, vibe with the aesthetics, and suit glass tanks perfectly! The edges are well supported in this metal stand, and it also offers 2 extra steel braces across the top to offer great support for the 55-gallon tank.

The stand dimension is 48.5 x 13.5 inches and provides optimal support for 55-gallon tanks, whether glass or acrylic. The height is 29.5 inches, which compliments eye-level viewing so that you can easily watch your fish whenever you want.

You can also add a plywood top if you wish to support acrylic tanks. This stand is a win-win choice as it’s not only sleek and beautiful but also has adjustable feet to support the stand on uneven floors!

Factors To Determine Before Choosing a Fish Tank Stand

A large aquarium tank will occupy more space and hence, demands the right location.

When buying a fish tank stand you should consider the following factors:


Keep in mind the floor strength and a surface that can support the 600 lbs weight of your tank and stand. Also, a quiet place is better so the fish go undisturbed.


Fish are not a fan of temperature fluctuations and can show signs of stress, so it is better to maintain a consistent water temperature. A place near the window will bring excessive sunlight, a cold breeze, and even some rain.

Getting your tank level

A flat, evenly level floor will ensure that everything goes smoothly. If you face any issue in leveling, you can make adjustments using shims or adjustable feet.

Price and budget

Metal stands are generally popular due to their cost-effective prices and their long-lasting durability. If you want the vintage look of wood and lots of storage, or if you already pre-own an acrylic tank, expensive engineered wood is your best choice.

Which Material Is Best for Aquarium Stands?

Aquarium stands, whether big or small, heavy or light, have one thing in common—the type of material they are made from.

Metal, engineered wood (mostly particleboard or MDF), engineered wood (particularly plywood), and metal are used in making these stands.

They can offer immense support to your 50- or 55-gallon aquarium, each with a good shelf life.

Generally, steel frames and a powder coating are provided in these fish tank stands. As a result, they are very strong and come at a cost-effective price. With that, there is just one drawback, and that is because of the metal framework, there is no cabinet for storage.

The material from which the engineered wood is generally made is particleboard or MDF, which is medium-density fiberboard.

Amongst particleboard and MDF, MDF is denser and stronger. But, for optimum structure and support, 55-gallon aquarium stands are made from a fine combination of both materials.

If you want a stand that not only provides strength but also provides room for a bit of storage space, plywood stands can be a great option. They are incredibly nice, but since they are expensive, you may have to get them custom-made for yourself.

All the options are worth it, but you have to choose according to your needs. Your choice can also be influenced by the material of the tank itself. Metal-framed stands generally tend to work better for glass tanks, while engineered wood is a suitable choice for an acrylic aquarium.

Do You Need Storage In Your Fish Tank Stand?

If you need a place to store filters, food items, or other aquarium equipment closely in one place, you can choose a stand with storage. If you can manage in some other corner or are looking for a metal frame, storage is not needed.

Can Aesthetics Be Your First Priority?

Strength and durability should be your priority, and then you can consider aesthetics if you decide to spend good money. Without optimum support, a tank, although beautiful, is useless!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does every aquarium need a stand?

Small aquariums up to 10 gallons can be supported on a sturdy desk or table. Over 10-gallon aquariums you will definitely need a stand.

Do I need a specialist to install the aquarium stand myself?

No, you don’t need expert help installing a 55-gallon stand. You can do it yourself. Two people in your family or friends are sufficient.

Can I level my 55-gallon aquarium stand?

You can level your fish tank stand by using a spirit level of wedges, which is available online as well as offline.


It is recommended to use a stand for a 55-gallon fish tank. The stand should be strong enough to hold the weight of the tank.

Also, the stand should function in such a way that the tank’s weight and pressure is equally distributed. Any extra pressure put on the seal’s panels or stand should be prevented.